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We've helped over 100 businesses implement StoryBrand.  

Did you know the #1 factor in growing your business with StoryBrand is how you implement your BrandScript? Get this right, everything else follows.

“Who plays the hero
  in your brand?”


Create a clear message by following StoryBrand's 7-step framework. Your BrandScript forms the foundation of all your messaging. 


 Apply your BrandScript to your website. We will modify your existing website or build you one that works. 


StoryBrand your Sales Funnel and sell more. Get your One Liner, Website Wireframe, Lead Generator, Email Nurturing Campaign, and Sales Letter done right. 

You know your brand could help your customers

but they're drowning in marketing noise.
If they can't figure out what problem you help them solve within 3-5 seconds, you've lost them...
possibly for good.

Your brand is competing with the cute puppy on Instagram

Most Americans consume over 3000 ads per day. 


In such a distracting world, you need to be clear, concise, and emotionally compelling.  


We can help.

We use a reliable, proven framework called StoryBrand.


Your customer is the hero who wants something 


The hero has a problem she needs to solve


Your brand is the wise guide


Who's got the answer to the problem (a plan)


And calls the hero to action (direct and transitional CTAs)

Decision fork


To help her avoid failure


And achieve success

Don't lose your customers to a brand with better marketing.

Clear messaging can help them notice you, remember you, and decide to try you.

“Who plays the hero
  in your brand?”

Once customers try your excellent products or services, they are 7X more likely to buy new products and services from you.

And your success multiplies. 

Marketing doesn't need to be complicated.

Captivate your customers in 5 simple steps.


Call and ask for free proposal.


Get proposal back within 48 hrs.


Turn your marketing noise into a story.


Tell your new story in all your marketing.


Enjoy the success that comes with being clear & memorable.

We've helped over 100 brands implement the StoryBrand framework.

"Sharon made creating my brandscript so much fun that I didn't know whether to laugh or cry with relief. I just wish I had known about this approach years ago. I've been in business 19 years, wasted $20,000+ for websites, branding and marketing. But now I have real hope."

—  Marla Dee, CEO, Clear & Simple

Why choose New Ink to help you tell a best-selling story? 

We're Certified StoryBrand Guides.

We've worked with over 100 B2B and B2C brands.

You get ad agency expertise without paying agency fees.

We've been writing professional copy for over 20 years. 

We've helped solopreneurs, start-ups, and multi-billion dollar corporations.

We integrate all marketing channels for you.

Get your free copy of:

"Anatomy of a StoryBrand Website...

And Why it Works
So Well."