Hi! I’m Sharon. I’m a certified StoryBrand guide with 18 years experience writing professional marketing copy and 9 years directing international marketing teams.

I first launched my freelance copywriting business in 2009. I created a beautiful website, printed gorgeous letterpress business cards, and sat down and waited for the calls to come in. I wasn’t very happy with the results.


So, I went on to hold a string of corporate director-level marketing jobs and didn’t think about freelancing again for years. Then, early in 2018, I discovered StoryBrand. I felt like someone had just given me a paradigm-shifting look behind the curtain of Marketing Oz. I started seeing everything through StoryBrand eyes. I saw that the companies I was working with were wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing that had little effect. I gave my notice after a particularly expensive waste of marketing dollars went down the proverbial drain. I had to do something different.


So, I assembled a team of experts and we all got trained and StoryBrand certified. Then I founded New Ink, a full-service marketing agency that focuses exclusively on helping businesses effectively implement the StoryBrand framework in their marketing. This work has been the most meaningful of my career. I love watching my clients’ jaws drop open when they see how much better and simpler story-based marketing is than what they’ve been doing before. And, I’m full of gratitude that I got to help them build thriving, successful businesses within a matter of months.

New Ink would love to help you too. When you hire us, you get:

  • Expert help implementing the StoryBrand framework

  • Clear communication about deliverables and timeframes

  • Strategically spot-on, memorable and shareable content

  • An incredibly likeable team of professionals

  • Very reasonable rates


Want to see who else we’ve helped? Check out my LinkedIn profile. Better yet, send me a LinkedIn invite. I love meeting business owners and marketing teams!


To your success,

Sharon Benedict