• Sharon Benedict

How to use StoryBrand to write better blog posts

Are your blog posts doing any good at all? Time to StoryBrand them.


Somewhere along the way, you were told you needed a blog. So, you dutifully took time out of your busy schedule to write up a few paragraphs, carefully plugging in keywords from your SEO list, tagging and hash-tagging, and published a blog post. Then another. And another.

The thing is, most business owners' blog posts are never read by anyone or anything... except Google's bots.

It's frustrating to spend your precious time on something that you're not even sure is working. #StoryBrand can help you write blog posts that help your customers, not just your SEO.

The next time you sit down to write a blog post, jot down your answers to the following questions.

1. What's a problem my customers are having over and over again? Start your blog post with a clear statement of their problem.

2. What can I share with them that will really help them? Give them a solution that really works, don't just stuff a bunch of keywords into a sentence and call it good.

3. How can I turn that knowledge into an easy-to-read story? Make sure your story helps them envision a successful outcome. And don't forget to remind them of what happens if they fail to take action.

That's it. Pretty simple. When you write blog posts that provide helpful information for your customers' pressing problems, Google notices. And your pertinent, helpful information gets easier and easier to find over time, because Google's algorithms are smart enough to know the difference between an keyword-stuffed post written just for SEO and an informational post that helps users solve a problem.

Want some help with your posts? Send us one and we'll revise it StoryBrand style, so you can have an example to use moving forward. Just email your post to

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