New Ink portfolio


Brand Communication Platforms (BCPs)


CarnoSyn revised their brand positioning to encompass the emerging Active Nutrition category. Sharon Benedict worked with Jeff Hilton and other BrandHive staff to develop a new Brand Communication Platform (BCP) to support this shift. Sharon wrote the Brand Positioning, Brand Promise, and Brand Story segments of the plan, in addition to SEO-optimized key messages for B2B and B2C audiences.

USANA Health Sciences

USANA needed a Digital Marketing Strategy as advanced as its supplements. Sharon Benedict interviewed key stakeholders; identified digital strategies, tactics and relevant metrics; wrote the strategic plan; and presented the plan to the CMO for sign-off.

Brand Stories


The leader in chelated minerals for decades, Albion needed new strategic messaging that would simplify the difference between their chelated minerals and others on the market. New Ink worked with BrandHive to develop a new brand story, “Building a Better Mineral,” structuring it around the concept of six-stage chelates.


As a science-driven company, Unigen's messaging was too technical for most audiences. As BrandHive’s Director of Strategic Brand Messaging, Sharon Benedict worked with Jeff Hilton and staff to develop a BCP for Univestin, their best selling branded ingredient, which clarified their positioning and simplified their messaging.



When Integrated Marketing Group rebranded themselves as BrandHive, Sharon Benedict wrote all copy for the rebranding campaign, including a new website.

Kyowa Hakko

Driven to unify the look and feel of branded ingredients across a global platform, Kyowa Hakko’s new marketing campaign wrapped websites, ads, consumer brochures, landing pages, and sales literature up in a Nature Inside concept. New Ink wrote all copy for the campaign, adapting messaging to B2B, B2C and healthcare practitioner audiences.


Neuroscience came to BrandHive for a complete overhaul. New Ink wrote copy for a new corporate brochure, product catalog, lab services catalog, consumer brochure, landing page, ads and product packaging.




OmniActive shifted the marketing emphasis of a key product to lifelong eye health and needed a campaign to mark the change. New Ink wrote ad headers and body copy for BrandHive.


To stay current in a crowded industry, OmegaActiv developed a new ad that would emphasize their American roots and strict sustainability practices. Sharon Benedict wrote the ad header and body copy.



Striking ads helped Sibu grow their market share after the merits of sea buckthorn hit the Dr. Oz show. New Ink worked with BrandHive to develop the concept and wrote ad headers and copy.

Kyowa Hakko

With a header of “Think Clearly,” Kyowa brought their branded ingredient Cognizin to consumers’ attention. The ad ran in Psychology Today and other consumer publications.



Launching a new supplement line, LifeSeasons needed just-right messaging to get sales going. New Ink wrote all copy for the website, sales literature, ads, and packaging.


Ahead of its time in 2013, Hybrid CR surprised visitors with a parallax website, highlighting their 4-day approach to immune health. New Ink wrote the web copy.


Cyactiv decided to sell a new ingredient direct to consumers online. Sharon Benedict worked with BrandHive staff to develop messaging, packaging and a consumer website.


Driven by icons, this website showcases a less-is-more approach to copywriting. Sharon Benedict wrote the brand story and the web copy for this BrandHive client.


Plant Head

To attract the attention of busy editors, Plant Head wrapped a container with product samples. New Ink wrote the copy for the wrap and a brochure insert.


As a healthcare practitioner brand, Neuroscience developed patient brochures for doctors’ offices that introduced patients to their product line. New Ink wrote the brochure copy.


Supporting healthy hearts through an arterial product, Provasca rolled out their “sticky isn’t good” online, print and radio campaign. New Ink helped BrandHive develop the concept and wrote brochure copy, radio ads and web copy.


Retail staff needed help selling Sibu products as a daily skincare system. New Ink wrote the copy for an an informative brochure that grouped products by both function and skin type and included a handy ingredients listing as well.



Sharon Benedict wrote for numerous DuPont campaigns, including eye-catching infographics that summed up large research studies in a glance.

USANA Health Sciences

Part of developing USANA’s digital strategy required creating an infographic to help Associates know what resources were available and how they should use them.


Pharmasan Labs

Pharmasan Labs developed a revolutionary new test that greatly increased the accuracy of detecting Lyme disease. New Ink wrote copy and art directed an infographic visually explaining the need for better detection.



Neurotransmitter-based products can be confusing. This infographic introduces patients to the basic functions of primary neurotransmitters in an easy-to-understand visual. New Ink wrote the copy and art directed for BrandHive.


Chapelle Ltd.

Sharon (Stasney) Benedict is the author of five books on feng shui and interior design.

Harcourt Brace & McGraw Hill

Sharon (Stasney) Benedict is a co-author of two textbooks on college writing.

About Sharon Benedict

In the past decade, Sharon has concepted and implemented over 100 marketing campaigns for over 60 brands, most of them in the Natural Products sector. She has also has published seven books, two on college writing.  

Guided by a commitment to escape the competitive herd and generate original, compelling copy for clients, Sharon delivers attractively simple, strategically spot-on branded messaging.