Agency expertise without agency overhead

New Ink was formed by professionals who’ve spent long spans on both the agency and client side.
We know your frustrations... and how to help.  

New Ink promises:

  • Clear communication
  • On-time delivery
  • Attention to company dynamics and stakeholders
  • Strategically spot-on copywriting

Sharon Benedict
Director of Strategic Brand Messaging

Sharon has 20+ years of experience writing strategic copy. Most recently director of strategic brand messaging for BrandHive, an international agency focusing on Natural Products, Sharon has written for more than 60 brands.

Primary industries:

    Natural products
    Interior design

By the numbers

    8 years strategic brand development
    6 years ad agency branding
    14 years project management
    18 years copywriting
    6 years technical writing
    Author of 7 books, 2 on writing